Awkward Introductions & A Fresh Start.


*just about dying/cringing at the thought of actual people I know reading something I’ve wrote*

I started my own predominantly ‘beauty blog’ when I was 16 out of sheer boredom, being inspired by a few friends and what I was seeing online. Nobody really knew about it, I’m sure it’s still probably somewhere out there but it was shit. I just kind of wrote about new make up I had bought while working my first ever part time job. It was fun while it lasted – I got to work with some brands while running that blog and that was pretty cool most of the time. Not so much when they try to force you into buying their products every second day though… You could say I have grown to realise that maybe that’s not really what I want to write about anymore but it doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally. I do think however, beauty blogging’s heyday has kind of been and gone.

I always have been an extremely creative and vocal person – I have things to share and I want to share them. This clean slate is the perfect place for me to start. Thinking I was going to be the next beauty blog sensation at 16 was RIDICULOUS and here I am 4 years down the line and it is something I’ve stopped really writing about. I’ve grown up a lot since then and I won’t continue to force myself to write about something that my heart isn’t 100% in anymore. I’d much rather start a conversation, moan about something or spark ideas on something that truly matters or is interesting. After switching back and forth between blogger and WordPress, I’ve finally settled and can finally start creating content.


I hate awkward introductions but if you’ve stumbled across here and you don’t know me, I’m Leigh and I’m 20 years old. I’m a 3rd Year International Fashion Branding Student (help) , I live just outside Glasgow and I don’t have any interesting facts about me. I enjoy spending my time at gigs, travelling, looking at videos of puppies and re-watching Skins on Netflix.

Blogging isn’t for everyone but it is something I always enjoyed doing and yEessssss I get it, It’s not 2005, blogging isn’t cool anymore. But I’m also not forcing you to read this. But if you want to then you can stick around. I don’t exactly know what you or even I can expect from this blog – just little bits of everything I suppose. So let’s just wait and see – shall we?

You can stop cringing now.



3 thoughts on “Awkward Introductions & A Fresh Start.

  1. Hey Leigh & welcome back to blogging; I started blogging for photography years ago when I was around that age and frankly, I am glad that I have moved on to something more and else that I am more passionate about doing these days. It took awhile but I am glad I have finally settled down. Best wishes in your new blogging journey here ~

    ~ Authen

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I think it takes a while to settle in and find your passion when it comes to writing a blog! I’ll definitely be having a look at your posts. Have a lovely day x

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      1. Leigh,
        No problem, it certainly does but the good thing is that once you find it, you are just refilled with such excitement and have more direction so your blog can actually grow out of it. Thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my blog. You too ~

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