5 Days in Barcelona.

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I’m currently sat in bed under a duvet, two blanket throws and I’m still fully dressed. Fully dressed in cosy socks, joggies and a hoody. My heating is on full blast and all of a sudden I’m regretting wishing away summer so fast.  As much as I do truly love this time of year, I’d do anything for a little bit of sun. One of my old friends was recently in Barcelona and her Snapchats made me miss the time I spent there with my friends from university in the summer. I wanted to share a few photos from my trip back in May and write a little about what we got up to!


After arriving somewhere in Barcelona at 10pm at night and being left to fend for ourselves, food-less (because every restaurant seems to shut after 10pm in Barcelona) and overtired, we decided to hit the hostel bar for a few drinks and start afresh in the morning. Here is me – in front of the Sagrada Familia. Potentially the world’s most underwhelming building (in my humble opinion). Don’t take that too seriously, it is beautiful and it’s no surprise that it’s still unfinished with about a billion years to go. The architecture is unreal and the detailing is so precise. We didn’t hang around it long. I feel like for me, it’s kind of one of the stereotypically touristy places that’s it’s extremely hyped up. People were queueing in their hundreds to get up close but we were happy with just a picture or two. I don’t feel actually visiting it properly is entirely necessary to be able to marvel at it.


One thing that Barcelona certainly doesn’t lack is pretty buildings. Apartments to be more specific. Even the ones that are victims of graffiti. I’m not entirely sure what it is about them that makes them so appealing, I think they are all so quaint – some decorated with flower baskets, some with wooden shutters and others with the Catalonian flag floating from it. I WANT THEM ALL.


I am STILL obsessed with these lights that were in the hostel. I’m pretty sure that just about every second student on the trip Instagrammed them. Staying in a hostel was a completely new experience for me and I wrote about that here if you fancy having a read. It wasn’t as awful as I anticipated. Promise.



Food-wise, Barcelona was amazing. The Spanish know their stuff when it comes to food. THERE IS LITERALLY TAPAS EVERYWHERE. We went somewhere different every night for dinner (minus the first night where we survived off snacks from the shop across the road: disaster). I’d really recommend ‘La Polpa’ for a nice meal. If I remember correctly, it’s mostly a seafood restaurant? I had the salmon and it was so so delicious. We also ate dinner at Opium – a restaurant/bar/club down on the beach one night – the vegetable paella was something else (10 love heart eyeball emojis). On our last night, we were all relatively hungover but decided traditional tapas was the only way to round off our trip. Patatas Bravas will always be my one true love. We went to a little restaurant called Tossa where we each ordered 3 or 4 plates of Tapas, not knowing that we’d only eat about 2 each. As a result, the waiter just stopped bringing food to our table and we rolled out the door – I think he was secretly laughing at us. Asshole.


Let’s talk about life goals for a moment, shall we?  One particular night of our trip, before things got waaaaay too messy and we ended up in Pacha – we sat at the harbour in a tiny little cocktail bar near where all the yachts were docked. I remember (surprisingly) this one yacht with a bunch of guys playing what looked like some casino based games on a serviced yacht. SERVICED. WITH SECURITY. AND BAR PEOPLE. Ugh, to be rich with a fancy boat and people running after you.


One of the planned excursions with the university was to visit Museu del Disseny (a design museum for those who do not know Spanish – me).  After we (Eryn) navigated our way there, we met up with the rest of our group. As fashion students we were led to a solely fashion exhibit of fashion through the ages which was honestly really quite interesting but we didn’t spend too long here. It was such a dark building and we knew the sun was shining outside and wanted to explore some more. After the tutors left, we had the option to stay and look around some more but decided to leave and find our way back through the city.


Güell Parc was definitely worth the steepest bus journey in the world. Although we arrived at the park at 12 noon, tickets for entrance to specific parts of the site were sold out till 4pm – so if you are planning on going, booking tickets online before you go might be an idea. However, entry was free just to walk around the rest of the park, so we went on in and had a look around. I didn’t enjoy the mixture of sweltering heat and massive amounts of stairs but the park was nothing short of amazing, even if we did get lost for about half an hour trying to find the exit. Güell Parc is somewhere I’d definitely recommend visiting while in Barcelona, it’s such a unique attraction and the views over the city are stunning.


While I wouldn’t necessarily rush back to Barcelona, it was definitely a city worthwhile visiting. I had the greatest time with some fab friends and it was lovely to get away for a bit of sun after finishing 2nd year of university and sitting exams. I could say so much more about this trip but I don’t want to bore you. I just wanted to share some snaps and reminisce about happier and much, MUCH warmer times.




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