Edinburgh Christmas Markets.


And so, university is over for Christmas and finally, the festivities can begin.

I had seen so many people hitting up the Christmas markets this year and every year I promise myself I’ll go and I NEVER do. This year I was determined to go as I’m trying to really get into the festive spirit so myself and my friend Heather decided to make plans to go see what was on offer. We jumped on the train to Edinburgh and had a good mooch around for a couple of hours.


We went during the day and as lovely as it was, I feel like it would feel more festive at night time when everything is lit up – subtle fairy lights hanging from stalls and tacky Christmas lights just about everywhere else. We headed straight for Princes Street Gardens where a large chunk of Edinburgh’s festive offerings are.


We were met with rows and rows of cabin-like huts selling gift items, quirky gifts, toys, accessories and clothes. If you find the lady selling Scottish tablet and fudge that comes in every flavour under the sun, buy lots of it and tell her I love her. I’d consider going back PURELY for more of that fudge. It was unreal.


After meandering up and down all the stalls we headed down to a part which I believe was called “Santa Land’? correct me if I’m wrong. This part is mostly for children but believe me, there were plenty adults (myself included) having fun here too. There were a bunch of fairground rides, a carousel and a Christmas tree maze, which of course would have been rude of us not to have a go in. And yes, it was a lot more tricky than we first anticipated.


We headed in, a couple of twenty somethings, only to have children a quarter of our age zoom past us and make it out in about 5 minutes. Us two, on the other hand, were walking around for a good 20 minutes trying to find the letters to stamp onto the card so we could head to the exit to get a our prize. It’s all a bit of fun and was a good laugh. I think this would also be so much harder in the dark.


After this we headed back up through the stalls to have a bit of a breather and to get away from the huge crowds. We took a walk up to St. Andrews square – stopping to take pictures of The Dome’s Christmas Decorations on the way – where the ice skating rink was – apart from that, there wasn’t much else there which in all honesty we were a bit disappointed by – I expected there to be a lot more stalls. After a nice little stroll away from all the crowds, we headed back down to the main market in one last ditch attempt to find Churros. After walking around for an hour, we eventually found them. And god, were they good. I think I managed to eat 3 and I was defeated. SOMEONE tell me where I can buy a churros machine for my house please.


I had a lovely day out and I’d definitely recommend taking a little trip to Edinburgh at this time of year before the festivities are all over. I feel like there were maybe one too many of the convenience food outlets. I know – me, complaining about too much food – who’d have thought it? Of course, everyone loves a crêpe (or four) but I feel like a lot of them were very similar, all trying to compete with each other but with no variance in price/quality. I feel like there should have been a slightly smaller share of the outlet spaces to these types of retailers but it’s all personal opinion.

I love Edinburgh as much as the next person but there’s just generally such a nice atmosphere there at this time of year. Everyone is wrapped up warm, there is food everywhere and everyone seems so happy and festive. What’s not to love?



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