Blogging Goals for 2017


AS IF I’ve been continuously blogging for almost 3 months. For me, this is a relatively big deal – I’ve mentioned before that since I was about 16 I’ve been switching between a bunch of blogs, writing styles, blog themes etc. Finally I’ve felt at peace with my site and I’ve not yet fallen out of love with it. Long may this continue!

I’ve really been enjoying blogging for a while now, I’ve not written anything I’m not proud of and I’ve never felt forced to write anything and I think not giving myself a niche like I have done in the past has really helped. I have already gained over 100 followers on my blog in just 2 months and I’m really proud of that so thank you to everyone who is following me, I am really grateful. I’m genuinely surprised anyone is remotely bothered to read anything I write.


Going forward into 2017, I plan to continue writing here as much as I am now, or maybe more. I’ve compiled a list of goals that I want to achieve or at least work towards. I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t reach them though, I think blogging is very much a learning experience and there is always room to improve here and there.

Share more of my posts. 

I honestly think my ‘fear’ of doing this comes from my old blogging days. Nobody really knew I had a blog and I always worried that someone would come across it. Now that I think back on it, that was an extremely weird worry and now I have my blog link on my Twitter and Instagram pages. I don’t always actively highlight that I’ve written something new on my social media but I feel like doing this can only lead to positive things.

Take better photos.

For me, photos always make a blog post. And no, I don’t have some fancy billion pound DSLR camera and I honestly don’t know if I’ll invest in one any time soon – I’m quite content with my little iPhone 6s camera thank you very much. What I do plan to do though, is to plan my photos a little better, make them a little more interesting or have a play around on some different editing softwares to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Bulk Writing and Scheduling Posts.

I only plan to do this for times where I’m particularly busy. It’s not something I love to do but it will be necessary throughout the start of January and probably around May and April when university will be particularly full on. I don’t want to leave my blog empty and untouched as I think this is why I fell out of love with blogging previously. I’d get so used to not writing and as a result had to force myself back into it which made me hate it because updating felt like a chore. I hate not updating my blog so I’m gonna spend some time under a mountain of cosy blankets with lots of tea bulk writing posts to schedule and share while time isn’t on my side.

Spend more time reading blogs.

I love getting such positive feedback on my posts and only want to return this. I tend to read all the posts that appear on my WordPress dashboard, they’re usually from the people I follow and some of those ones you automatically follow upon setting up a blog – I keep meaning to unfollow them but never do. I want to look further afield for more blogs. If you have any that you think I’d like then feel free to share them in the comments below! I love seeing what other people are writing about so I plan to spend more time interacting with other bloggers.

I want to reach 300 followers.

This one is just a bit of fun. Blogging definitely isn’t all about the numbers despite some demanding that it is. In saying this, I’ve reached 100 followers in just 2 months so surely in a year I can do another 200 to reach my goal of 300? Only time will tell.

What are your blogging goals for the coming year?



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