January in photos.

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I was happy to see January. I spent the majority of the festive period in bed while everyone was out partying. I was lucky enough to bag myself, tonsillitis, a chest infection and an ear infection all in the one go. I was starting to feel better just a few days into January and headed back to my internship after a much needed break – fuelled by a pret latte of course. On the first day back, I was helping out at my first ever photoshoot for the company’s new A/W 2018 collection. We spent most of the day trying to hold the attention of babies and toddlers in an attempt to get them to smile for the camera. A much more difficult task than I initially anticipated.


The next few days were a bit dull. I had a marketing strategy exam to study for and I don’t think I’ve been less motivated to study for an exam in my life. Lecturers who structure exam timetables so that they fall in January are the work of the devil . I spent most of my days with my nose in trashy magazines eating the chocolate I had no appetite for over Christmas and doing just about anything else I could to avoid studying. I’m yet to get my results for the exam – In all honesty, I’m probably happier not knowing how I did.


The 12th of January was myself and my boyfriend’s one year anniversary. He got these beautiful bunch of roses and freesias sent to my door as a surprise. 8932489237 million boyfriend points to him. We planned to celebrate on the weekend so spent it out in Glasgow’s West End. We stayed in the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor and spent most of our night out in Ashton Lane before moving on to Oran Mor. I had the loveliest weekend with my favourite person.


Tuesday came around again and back to my internship. It was a super busy day setting up for an open studio sample sale. I wish I organised my own clothes this much. I spent Wednesday at the studio working the sample sale and afterwards, headed out to dinner with a few of my closest friends. We made our way to our go-to restaurant – Bill’s.


Friday rolled around and I wasn’t feeling up to much. I spent the majority of the day relishing in the freedom to do absolutely nothing before going back to university the following week. I finally got around to reading ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo – none of which I’ve actually implemented yet. I should get on that… I planned on having a lazy evening but ended up at the pub drinking G&T’s – not a complaint.


Saturday was a busy day but enjoyable nonetheless. Myself and Kieran braved the freezing temperatures and headed up to Whitlee Windfarm to go for a walk. We walked 6.6km around the site in just over an hour. My mum bought last minute tickets off someone in her work for us to go and see The Woman In Black and The King’s Theatre in Glasgow. Before the show we headed to Bill’s (my second time that week, oops) for some dinner. I was really excited to see the play as I hadn’t seen the movie but I presumed it couldn’t be as scary as everyone made out. Was I wrong? Completely. It was terrifying but definitely one of the best productions I have seen in a long time – I recommend it to anyone.


January blues definitely hit towards the end of the month and the freezing left me longing for the tiniest bit of sunshine. I found myself looking back through photos of my adventures in Barcelona from last summer and spent just about every evening of the week looking for holidays for this coming summer. I just need to actually pick somewhere and book it. Unfortunately, fake tan will have to do for now.


On Thursday I had to be out the house all day as my mum was getting a new kitchen fitted – oh the joy. I spent most of my day in university moping around looking for things to do but ended up watching Netflix with a Sainsbury’s meal deal. Thrilling, I know. After I got fed up I took a walk around Glasgow and ended up at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. As you can see, I wasn’t greeted with the usual exhibit…


On Thursday night myself and Kieran went along to the cinema to see ‘Split’. I had been desperate to see this film since I first watched a trailer for it on Facebook months ago. While I jumped in my seat a fair few times, I was honestly amazed by James McAvoy’s acting – not bad for a local boy. If you haven’t seen this movie, I urge you to.


An alright month all round! Here’s to seeing what February Brings.




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