Honest Thoughts on Valentines Day.


Call me a cynic but I think Valentines is a pile of shit. I can’t even apologise.

Last night I stopped by Morrisons to run in and pick up some food to take to university today and upon entering the shop, I noticed a man intensely debating whether to buy Milk Tray or a box of Ferrero Rocher (both mildly disappointing but who’d say no?) presumeably for his beloved. Nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a box of half price chocolates picked up 10 minutes before the shop shuts the night before Valentines Day. But it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?


It’s funny to see the way people act on Valentines Day. There are the couples who shower each other with gifts and girls all over Instagram boasting that ‘the boy did good’ cause he served up a Pandora ring or a Michael Kors watch. There are the ‘wow look at me tweeting something generic about being single’ people on twitter and the guys who still think its funny to post ‘got a date for tonight’ alongside a picture of their hand.

Myself and my boyfriend choose not to celebrate Valentines but last year he surprised me by getting the loveliest bunch of roses to my house before we went for some food and to the cinema. While we don’t actively celebrate by furnishing each other with unnecessarily expensive gifts, I totally didn’t expect the flowers and definitely didn’t cry a bit when I got the delivery… definitely not. He truly is a good egg, little surprises are always nice.

If I’m being totally honest, my favourite thing about Valentine’s Day is seeing grown men quiver as they clutch awkwardly on to Ann Summers carrier bags. It automatically propels them into some kind of uncontrollable hysteria where they become extremely uncomfortable and proceed to walk everywhere at least ten times faster. I think they think that if they walk faster nobody will see where they’ve been shopping. Everyone can see your pink and black carrier bag with a bunny on it, mate.

I don’t think I will ever celebrate Valentines Day at any great length.  I don’t want to sound like complete fun sponge but if you really need a designated day of the year to buy your significant other a box of chocolates as a ‘romantic gesture’ to show them you love them, then you’re doing it wrong. So unbelievably wrong.





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