Deaf Havana – O2 abc Glasgow – 18/02/17


An extended hiatus followed Deaf Havana’s release of Old Souls back in 2013 and no album has ever made me more desperate for new music in my entire life – I could talk about ‘Old Souls’ for days on end but that’s a different post altogether. Nobody really knew how long the band would be hidden away for. Finally, after almost four years, the band announced they would be touring at the beginning of 2017 and subsequently released ‘Cassiopeia’ a single from what was to be their forthcoming album ‘All These Countless Nights’.

Songs ‘St. Pauls’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Trigger’ followed the initial release of Cassiopeia, giving fans a good taster of what was to come. The full album was released on the 27th of January and it didn’t disappoint.

Despite it being held in my least favourite venue in Glasgow, I was determined to get a ticket for the gig. Deaf Havana are my favourite band and never having seen them live, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.


While I don’t necessarily love the O2 abc venue as the curfew is always ridiculously early because it doubles as a night club, I’m still beyond glad that one of my favourite bands are still playing smaller, relatively intimate and accessible shows.

The crowd surprised me – in a good way. There was a severe lack of screaming tweens at the gig which is definitely not a complaint. I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious or ‘above’ anyone but Deaf Havana write songs that relate to people my age or slightly older on subjects that are very real and relevant to our demographic. Songs about alcohol, self deprecation and heartbreak don’t necessarily relate to screaming thirteen year olds. I was happy to be part of an appreciative crowd rather than one that screeches unnecessarily in-between every song.  You know the type.


The setlist was pretty damn good (personal opinion, of course) with a fair mix of songs from the current album ‘All These Countless Nights’ and a bunch from its predecessors ‘Old Souls’ and ‘Fools and Worthless Liars’. While a select few of my favourites  (Lights, Caro Padre and Fifty Four) were missing off the list,  I was genuinely overjoyed to finally hear ‘Hunstanton Pier’ and “Tuesday People’ live. The new songs sound great live too, ‘Trigger’ and ‘Happiness’ were probably my favourite.

Having been away for a relatively long time, Deaf Havana certainly haven’t forgotten how to put on a brilliant show. They really surpassed any of my prior expectations. The band were seemingly overwhelmed by the positive response from the crowd. I don’t think they ever anticipated the response that they received and I imagine that after such a long break, returning to the stage to showcase a new album is probably somewhat more daunting than a usual performance. I may be biased but there is NO beating a Glasgow crowd. Never.

I had a great night at the gig and it although it felt like a long time coming, I was so happy to have finally seen them live after waiting years.

I just hope they don’t think another hiatus is a good idea any time soon.



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