February in Photos.

In all honesty, I was glad January was over. Towards the end of the month, I spent just about every evening looking at holidays, sunny places and trying to make plans to get out the house. January is nauseatingly boring and I was wishing it away like nobody’s business. February finally arrived and I spent the first few days of the month at university and at my internship studio.


I was fortunate enough to discover the world’s most perfect coffee in February.  I only really stopped by Pret on my way to my internship as I needed wifi to allow me to get John Mayer tickets for his upcoming London gig. If you are ever near a Pret a Manger, you HAVE to buy yourself a Coconut Latte. You won’t regret it. Unless of course you don’t like coffee, or coconut or milk… It is amazing, trust me.


The weekend finally rolled around and I spent the majority of it with my boyfriend.  Back in September, ‘I got us tickets for Still Game Live 2: Bon Voyage’ and it was finally time to go and see it. I was a little sceptical before hand. As a huge and I mean HUGE fan of Still Game, I didn’t want to be disappointed. I had seen the previous live show in 2014 and while I thought it was funny, a lot of people were a bit underwhelmed. However, we weren’t disappointed, the production was brilliant and I recommend it to anyone who loves the TV show.


I really struggled with ideas for blog content towards the end of January and in the beginning of February. I very much hit a wall and I hate putting up half hearted content. Nothing exciting was happening that I felt like I wanted to write about but I hate leaving my blog without fresh content so I bought myself a lovely notebook from Paperchase and scribbled some ideas down. I spent the afternoon before my university classes hiding from the snow and planning some posts over ANOTHER Pret coconut latte – shock.


After a busy week, I spent most of the weekend again with my boyfriend. Valentine’s fell awkwardly on a Tuesday this year but we don’t really do Valentines so we ‘celebrated’ it early and went for a Nando’s and went bowling. I hadn’t been bowling in years but I was actually not bad, still lost both games though.

A new week came around and I was back to uni and back to my internship which I’m still enjoying. I’ve written a post regarding internships: tips for getting them, my thoughts and feelings towards them. I feel really lucky to have one. Interning for a business, I see just how competitive it is to get a placement. I’ve already written a post about internships a few weeks back so if you want to check it out, you can.


Myself and my mum headed to the cinema to see ‘Lion’ in February. In all honesty I had no idea what the film was about, hadn’t seen the trailer but I knew that Dev Patel was in it.  Never did I think  one of the teenage tearaways from the ever popular Skins, would play such an emotive character in a film that would bring the ENTIRE screening to tears. Grown men were literally WEEPING in front of me in the cinema. I’d definitely rush back to see this film, it pulled on just about every string of my otherwise cold and stony heart. It won’t be in the cinema much longer so if you get the chance to go and see it while it’s still out, definitely go. You will feel all the feels and you won’t regret it.


On Saturday the 18th, I was heading to Glasgow to see one of my favourite bands – Deaf Havana. I’ve already written a full post about this gig which you can read here if you fancy. I had a brilliant time and I was so happy to finally have seen them live after the longest hiatus in the world (not really but y’know, a remarkably long 4 years).


Towards the end of the month I was lucky enough to catch a cold which I’m yet to shift. Consequently, nothing too thrilling was happening and I didn’t have many plans at all. It  just meant I spent a lot of time in cafes sipping on green tea and looking for sympathy.




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