Things people my age do that I cannot stand.

People my age have some annoying habits. I’ve made a nice little passive aggressive list of all the things people my age do that really annoy me. I know it wouldn’t do if we were all the same and I know they shouldn’t affect me but you know when something just becomes so annoying? 


Obsessing over unicorns and mermaids. I honestly will never understand.  This probably bothers me more than it should. We didn’t care for them when we were nine so why all of a sudden is everything in the shape of unicorn heads and seashells? New Look is definitely the biggest culprit in promoting this horrendous trend. Their homeware range would have such potential if it didn’t have ‘contains unicorn tears’ written all over it. Surely it’s not just me. Get it together people.

Thinking that 18-30 holidays are still cool. They’re only cool on your final year of secondary school because its your first holiday without parents. After that, nah. There are so many amazing places to see and explore yet some people will STILL opt for Ayia Napa. No thanks.

Going travelling round a country for a week and then instantly think they’re ‘well travelled and cultured’. Please.

Not voting or having no political stance. The ageing population and the baby boomers have royally fucked over my generation on multiple occasions in a number of ways but there are still people my age who don’t give a fuck about influencing political change.

Unnecessary codependency. Especially over the smallest things like going and speaking to an authoritative figure, asking for help or refusing to do something unless someone does it with them. If you still need someone to hold your proverbial mental hand at age 20 there’s something not right. Do ya own thing, innit.

Boomerangs on Instagram of girls clinking glasses of prosecco. Imagine a world where you can go out with your friends, drink prosecco and NOT document it. We get it, you like a drink. So do the rest of us.

Pretending to be wine connoisseurs. Stop reading through the wine list in restaurants and acting as if you know shit. We all know you’re all about that Echo Falls Summer Berries life and that’s okay. 

Hanging out in Sainsbury’s car parks at 10pm in the freezing cold to show off their cars with Heinz bean can exhausts and blacked out windows. Do you seriously not have anything better to do?

Posting pictures on Instagram that have Snapchat captions on them. Instant feed aesthetics ruiner. A perfectionist’s (me) nightmare.

Not being able to go a night out without having your make up done professionally. This to me is really annoying. Getting ready is half the fun, especially with your friends. I blame the rise of Instagram make up artists and outbreak of ‘self-taught MUA’s’. Who even has the money to get their make up done for EVERY night out anyway? If It’s a student night out, you certainly don’t need to look like an ‘Instagram Baddie’ (I cannot believe I just wrote that I want to shrivel and die).

I do like people my age, I swear. Just not all the time.



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