Exploring Camden Market

This past weekend, I spent some time in London after going to the o2 Arena to see John Mayer. We headed up to Camden Town on the Saturday to have a stroll around the markets to see what was on offer. Naturally, I took too many photos.


We took the northern line tube up to Camden and the Camden Locks market is around a 5-10 minute walk away. It’s a totally different vibe from being slap-bang in the city centre albeit still as busy but there’s no urgency to do anything.  In Camden market you are spoilt for choice and unsure of where to begin. There’s a billion and one food choices from bars, to street food and drink stands from all around the world. There’s live music, street performances and hundreds of stalls with anything from vintage clothes, to art and prints, second hand records, craft beer and ales and specialist tea and coffee blends. If you are planning on heading to Camden, give yourself a few hours at least, to make sure you get around everything.


After a couple of hours we headed to LOCK17, situated in The T.E Dingwall Building for a bite to eat and a few drinks before heading back out to the markets. It’s a pretty cool little place that doubles as a gig venue We grabbed a few of the Small Plates to share rather than a big meal as we were heading up to Notting Hill for Dinner. If you end up in LOCK17, you NEED to try the spicy chicken wings – so so good.


I definitely will be heading back again to Camden whenever I’m next down in London, it’s probably one of my new favourite areas of the city. It’s a totally different vibe to the city centres where everyone is too keen on rushing everywhere. It’s so chilled and casual and even if you don’t go to the market with the intention of really buying or trying anything, it makes for a great people-watching spot.





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